Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fighting with your lover?

It was about midnight and the temperature was below freezing. The engine was busy, so the ladder and rescue get tapped for a motorcycle accident on the interstate. The posted speed limit is 65mph on this highway. On the way we were discussing who would be out riding in this weather and that something wasn't right with the dispatch. As we approach we find a young female patient lying on the side of the freeway. She is dressed for party time (light half shirt and stretch pants), not motorcycle riding. Upon arrival our brothers in blue confirm no motorcycle accident, the patient "fell" out of a car. Quick look for injuries reveals nothing obvious with the exception of road rash from her chin to her knees. So we are packaging our patient for transport, and we get the story: she had been drinking(duh) and fighting with her boyfriend when she jumped out of the car to show him. I asked what she was showing him but she did not answer. So I start asking rapid fire pertinent questions to assess her level of consciousness i.e. address, phone number, where she was, birthday,etc. I then ask her what's her boyfriend's name. She says she doesn't want to answer. I ask why and she replies she doesn't want him to get into trouble. To which I reply: Why? It's not his fault you jumped out of his car.