Monday, June 29, 2009

In broad daylight?

So there I am sitting in the front office of our fire house. The front office is a lot like a fishbowl with 3 walls consisting of mostly tinted glass. Directly in front of the fire house standing next to the dumpster is a woman we have met in the past. We know her to be a prostitute addicted to meth. we will call her meth ho. She starts talking to a guy on a mountain bike. ( yeah I laughed about the bike too) As she is turning on the ho charm, meth ho begins pointing like a crazy person different directions. Then I realize she is pointing behind near by buildings and walls. I am thinking there is no way she is going to do this in broad daylight, is she? Along side of the fire house is a church with some side exits facing the front office. One of these exits has a 3 ft wall around the steps. And sure enough meth ho motions the bike guy over to this little alcove on the steps of the church. But bike guy doesn't know what to do now that he is there. So he is standing straight up looking around like a groundhog. (must have been his first time.) Anyway meth ho frantically motions for him to get down. Meth Ho remains on the corner for a little while looking around before scurring over to the church steps. 3-4 mins later both parties emerge from the alcove and quickly go in opposite directions. Crazy huh? Well about 20 mins later meth ho is over at the drug houses (also seen from the firehouse) spending her hard earned money. Everyone should work in the ghetto. Its just that entertaining!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parking brake only works when you use it

The first morning of our 48hr shift is a busy one. We have a lot of paperwork, rig checks, daily routine and some maintenance issues to attend to. The other day we were in the middle of this routine when a large, older white man walks through our employee parking lot and straight into the station. He stood out on account of his skin color but also he was wearing coveralls. I was near the door so he approached me and asked if anyone owned a toyota truck. I had to think about it, but I remembered the station captain owns an older 4runner that could pass for a pick up with a shell. I advised the visitor who owned one and asked why. He replied in a tone that let me know he was less than impressed with whatever had happened: "because it just hit my truck!" I look out the back of our station and almost one block away, in the neighboring parking lot that is on the other side of a street; is the captains truck wedged in between the rear wheels of a large semi truck. Apparently our beloved station captain had forgotten to put his truck into gear or set the brake. I will skip the response that we got from him when we told him. But his truck had reversed out of our station parking lot (without hitting any of our trucks. remember this is shift change so the lot is packed.) crossed the street, made a gentle turn to access the driveway and across the parking lot that is a full city block. We thought it was hilairious. He wasn't impressed. He was even less impressed with one firefighter who chocked the 4runner once it was returned to its original starting spot.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dont pretend to be dying to 911 when you are not

So I get a call for a 6D1 to some crappy apartment. For those of you lucky enough not to use the Clawsen system that is a shortness of breath call and the D part means its important. Well enroute dispatch tell us that the pt is advising they might pass out from fatigue and the door might be locked. My partner and I are about to arrive on scene when our "medically trained" dispatch advises that they have lost contact with the caller (pt) and can hear agonal respirations in the background.So being a fire medic unit when we arrive on scene I am able to grab a set of irons as well as our ems packs. As usual at all our crappy apartment buildings, there are a lot of people just milling around in the courtyard. These people, when asked a question usually respond with "huh?" And tonight was no exception. My partner and i ask 2 different people the location of apt 70 and we both get blank stares in response. Luckily we find apt 70 and began banging on the door. Well when you make this much noise late at night in an apartment complex where no one has jobs, all tenants come out to investigate. As my partner and I begin to force the door using the irons ( flat head axe and haligan tool) I hear several people yelling from the courtyard "Someone call the police! Those 2 guys are breaking into that apartment!" Luckily PD was soon on scene to field any citizen complaints. I guess the fire department trucks, clothes, tools etc were hard to see.
We force the door open (with some damage to door and frame). And once we locate our dying agonal patient in the back bedroom she is face down kneeling over a bucket. Before a question is asked the dying patient turns her head toward us and asks: "you guys just broke down my door didn't you?" Turns out our "patient" was detoxing from booze and was vomiting. When asked why she didn't answer the door, she replied she was too weak. But to get to the ambulance stretcher she had to walk out of her apartment, down the walkway and down a flight of stairs. At this time all the wondering tenants were close enough to offer their assistance. Some were even dropping names in an attempt to gain access to the scene. good times