Monday, July 25, 2011

Good news / Bad news!

If I have any followers left, (thanks honey!) you may have noticed my recent and long lasting absence. For this I apologize, but I have had a couple of things on my plate. So here go the excuses: Wife and I added one little girl to our family and I had to hit the books for a promotion. The promotion is the main reason I have not been posting. In my organization its a year of study and in my case almost a year of floating to random assignments throughout the city. Once I was ranked on my promotional list then I began upgrading on engines and ladders. Good news was I was back to riding the engines and ladders, bad news not as many blog-worthy stories to write. You just can't beat EMS stories from the ghetto. Which brings me to my announcement and shifting of gears here at I love my job. I have been promoted! I am now an Engine Captain.
So in our 2 tier system I will still be dispatched to EMS calls but the engines don't always remain on scene long enough to hear the patient's stories. That and I am no longer responsible for the folks in the ghetto, I have been relocated. So that means we are changing gears a little here on my little therapy project. In addition to the usual funny (at least I think so)stories I will begin to include some Station Captain stories as well. And a little of what its like for a paramedic riding a BLS fire engine. Hope you like