Tuesday, September 27, 2011


E19 respond to a single vehicle roll over accident with fire. Occupant status unknown.
Upon arrival we found a full size expedition that had left the roadway, went airborne and impacted windshield first into a bridge support. The vehicle had a small fire in the engine compartment. We had a difficult time positioning the engine because the private ambulance parked near the vehicle and then left on foot. The driver had extricated himself and was down the street. The fire went out quickly. The driver was the only occupant. Despite attempting to refuse EMS he was transported for evaluation and the obvious blood test. My guess is prescription drugs will be found in his system. Funny fact: He was on his way to his first day at his new job as a bouncer and our newest gentlemen's club.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Good news / Bad news!

If I have any followers left, (thanks honey!) you may have noticed my recent and long lasting absence. For this I apologize, but I have had a couple of things on my plate. So here go the excuses: Wife and I added one little girl to our family and I had to hit the books for a promotion. The promotion is the main reason I have not been posting. In my organization its a year of study and in my case almost a year of floating to random assignments throughout the city. Once I was ranked on my promotional list then I began upgrading on engines and ladders. Good news was I was back to riding the engines and ladders, bad news not as many blog-worthy stories to write. You just can't beat EMS stories from the ghetto. Which brings me to my announcement and shifting of gears here at I love my job. I have been promoted! I am now an Engine Captain.
So in our 2 tier system I will still be dispatched to EMS calls but the engines don't always remain on scene long enough to hear the patient's stories. That and I am no longer responsible for the folks in the ghetto, I have been relocated. So that means we are changing gears a little here on my little therapy project. In addition to the usual funny (at least I think so)stories I will begin to include some Station Captain stories as well. And a little of what its like for a paramedic riding a BLS fire engine. Hope you like