Monday, June 29, 2009

In broad daylight?

So there I am sitting in the front office of our fire house. The front office is a lot like a fishbowl with 3 walls consisting of mostly tinted glass. Directly in front of the fire house standing next to the dumpster is a woman we have met in the past. We know her to be a prostitute addicted to meth. we will call her meth ho. She starts talking to a guy on a mountain bike. ( yeah I laughed about the bike too) As she is turning on the ho charm, meth ho begins pointing like a crazy person different directions. Then I realize she is pointing behind near by buildings and walls. I am thinking there is no way she is going to do this in broad daylight, is she? Along side of the fire house is a church with some side exits facing the front office. One of these exits has a 3 ft wall around the steps. And sure enough meth ho motions the bike guy over to this little alcove on the steps of the church. But bike guy doesn't know what to do now that he is there. So he is standing straight up looking around like a groundhog. (must have been his first time.) Anyway meth ho frantically motions for him to get down. Meth Ho remains on the corner for a little while looking around before scurring over to the church steps. 3-4 mins later both parties emerge from the alcove and quickly go in opposite directions. Crazy huh? Well about 20 mins later meth ho is over at the drug houses (also seen from the firehouse) spending her hard earned money. Everyone should work in the ghetto. Its just that entertaining!


  1. that is pretty impressive. Not sure there is much more to say than that.

  2. Wow... some people eh?

    I like her name.

  3. Meth ho is part of a syndicate, I believe. But mine at least seek cover.

    But that begs the question, do you always sit and watch prostitutes and johns? Is it professional curiosity?

  4. professional curiosity? Yeah I guess so.