Friday, February 27, 2009

Sibling rivalry

So just before midnight on Valentine's Day we get toned out for a stabbing assault. We arrive to find private ambulance medic in full blown panic. But to her credit she has already loaded the patient onto the gurney and we are on our way shortly. After all, we are the tow truck, not the mechanic. So the transport goes well and we deliver our unconscious female patient alive. Strangely enough the female patient was stabbed by her sister. In front of both of their kids ages 4-6 years old. I just wonder what the argument could have been to make someone stab their sister several times.


  1. Well FF/PM, my daughters fight over small colored blocks and stuffed toys. Could that have been it?

    Your description brings into mind a Medic I worked with long ago, big hips and purple hair.
    Brought back a flood of memories from the early days on the Reservation.
    Thanks a lot.


  2. no it was not her, but a newer skinnier version.
    Hips just as big, less purple to the hair, she still carries on with complete incompetence.

  3. people are crazy. I have to say I love your stories about going to calls where people just want bus money or a ride somewhere. Such a waste of time for you, but it makes for funny stories. My husband works as a dispatcher right now and even though I'll still hear about his crazy people stories, I know I'll miss hearing about the calls that never make it to the officers.