Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you remember: Don't pretend to be dying when youre not?

So the address goes out for crappy address apartment #70. On the way over we start kidding if it is the same person. Well lo and behold its the same apartment. We joke about the brand new door,frame, and paint before going in. Our "patient" is face down in a bucket of vomit again talking about how she is so weak that anytime she stands she passes out. So I ask: "who unlocked the door?" She responds that she did, but right after that she meant after that she passed out. Right. My partner and I ask her if she remembers us. She looks up and mummbles something and goes back to her semi consciousness. So just like last time she is attempting to detox without medical supervision. Also just like last time she is able to walk down the hallway and down the stairs in between her semi consciousness act. We also notice the manager (large woman)running around in a panic with her keys in hand. See she was quite upset last time that we did not search the complex for her apartment, notify her and then wait for her to walk to the office to retrieve master keys and let us into apt #70. It seems like everyone learned the valuable lesson: 911 is for emergencies and the FD operates as such. Wierd huh? Back to our patient in the ambulance the semi consciousness act had run its course and during the assessment we were told: " I just don't want to talk anymore, can't you just take me to the hospital?" Another happy customer!


  1. Next time you're in the neighbourhood, just run past the managers office with an axe to see her reaction...... : )

  2. I like where your head is at hydrant girl.