Sunday, April 4, 2010

2nd anatomy guru

We arrive to the crappy 4 plex in the crappy part of town. I am tired since it is almost 2am and this is the third call since I tried to go to sleep. We find our frequent user of EMS sitting in a living room chair. The original complaint was shortness of breath. I say hello and ask our 21 year old patient what can we do for you? She answers with a verbal dissertation covering her life events of the last 24 hours. In the middle of this she mentions that she has been short of breath since her doctors appointment at 1pm. Fantastic. Did you ask your doctor about this? I ask and she answers "No, but my oxygen level was low today" Me: "How do you know?" Her: "My face gets warm when my oxygen level drops; and that is what happened tonight" Me: "You don't seem to be having a difficult time breathing or speaking and your oxygen levels are 97%." Her: " I know, I told my brother to get me some water. I drink water when I am short of breath because I know there is oxygen in it"
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  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! What a moron.

  2. well...there is oxygen in water. I mean, maybe she was referring to the vestigial gills evident during various developmental stages of various species? Surely that must be it.

  3. That unfortunately would be a transport in my department, because the medics are allegedly going to save the budget. Yay!!!!!