Friday, October 22, 2010


26A1 - non emergent sick call. This code is used for chief complaints such as: nervousness, hunger, fatigue, cold/flu symptoms etc. And working in the ghetto we get this on a lot. AS you may or may not know, there are some holes in our health care system. Everyone without coverage knows they can be seen at the ER, but they also know they will have to wait. So often these folks are willing to sacrifice the evaluation by a MD for a paramedic that makes house calls after you dial 3 easy numbers.
Back to the story: So last tuesday was no different and we get a call for a 26A1. Last tuesday I also had a paramedic intern from the military riding with us. I only mention the military part because most of us did not go straight to paramedic. Myself, I started as a basic and worked my way up seeing some sick people among other things before I tried paramedicine. Not in the military program. Straight to paramedic. So he has not seen EMS before now.
This code has been deemed a non emergency response. The crew and intern make our way over to the address code one. As we get our gear and approach the open apt door there are some kids running around without adult supervision. Normal. Being the good intern that he is, he is the first to be directed to the back bedroom in this tiny apartment. Before I can get a look, Intern starts to stammer: "uh, I, uh, I think we need the OB kit" Me being the observant supervisor that I am, I ask: " Why?" (good question I thought) He stammers again: " Uh, there is a baby here and he looks new!"
Well I finally gain access to the bedroom and sure enough his deduction skills were accurate. There was mom lying on her back. Her torso was propped up by her elbows and covered by her Mickey D's uniform. And between her legs was her newest son, face down on the matress still attached by the umbilical cord. I found it strange that mom had not picked the baby up during our code one response. Luckily, nature had taken care of this lil guy until we got there, the umbilical cord was still pulsating a little and his color was good. Transport was uneventful, but again mom was reluctant to hold or comfort the baby. Wierd stuff in the ghetto.

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