Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

So at about 230 in the morning last night during the full moon, we get dispatched to a motor vehicle accident. As we approach we find 2 trucks with severe damage from an apparent high speed head on collision. We arrive and make our way over to the truck with the most damage and find a female driver with a broken femur unconscious behind the wheel. The engine crew is talking to a beligerent guy from the other vehicle. We extricate the female patient from her truck. She goes with the first ambulance to the truama center. As the engine backboards the male driver, he goes unconscious. So he obviously also goes to the local trauma center. As we pick up the scene we notice a few odd items in the street. The first arriving private ambulance has left all their backboard, airway and oxygen equipment on scene. The police officers are talking about both drivers are likely drunk drivers. (Which is unique that they hit eachother instead an innocent family)And the last item strangely noticable in the middle of the scene? A squished dead black cat that was involved in the collision. Halloween, full moon and a black cat? You just can't make this up.


  1. That's eerie. I guess the conditions were puurfect. sorry.

  2. Some meathead (you know the one with tapered sleeves on his uniform) told us this might have been a fatality. But he didn't know which patient might have died