Monday, October 26, 2009

Ah thats better!

So after a dry spell the ghetto once again delivers a story worthy of the blog. Sometime in the middle of the night (maybe 2 am) last night we get a call for a woman complaining of abdominal pain. We arrive at an apartment building and before my partner can park the truck, there is a woman walking up to the truck. She also has her 7 yo daughter in tow. The woman is our patient and as I open the door she asks if she can go to the hospital. I ask why and she just repeats herself. When pressed futher, she advises us she doesn't want to talk about it. Strange.Ok, I am thinking what am I supposed to tell the ambulance and what are they supposed to tell the ER???She notices the transport ambulance arriving, she hops out of the rescue, asks if her daughter can remain with us for minute. I cautiously agree and watch as she makes tracks into the ambulance and closes the door. Stranger by the min. The ambulance medic returns and says the daughter can join her mom in the ambulance. Once the kid is gone he tells us the story: Apparently mom was enjoying some "self satisfaction" time with a sharp object(?) and cut herself (suprise). The injury apparently resulted in some moderate bleeding. That should be an intersting conversation when the daughter (hopefully later in life) asks about the time they had to go to the ER in the middle of the night.