Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smokers, gotta love em!

My rescue company was on a call with the private ambulance at a convenience store in a near by district. The call was entertaining enough with a drunk patient who could not get their head around how they ended up on the floor. When one of our frequent flyers walks by (without making eye contact). She is well known to ems providers in the neighborhood for shortness of breath calls. She also has a laundry lists of medical problems mostly related to smoking. Today while shopping, she is carrying a medium sized oxygen cylinder (not designed to be a portable) and a oxygen concentrator. She has a nasal cannula in her nose and a nebulizer in her mouth. The neb is completely empty of any albuterol,saline or any other medication. The clincher? She is bying cigarettes! (inner dialogue) So about what time will you be calling for shortness of breath?

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