Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh man, Marvin shot himself in the face!

We get dispatched to a gun shot wound (GSW) call. Enroute the police notes come up on the computer and it says the patient shot himself in the face while attempting to shoot his "girlfriend". Upon arrival we find a guy who has in fact been shot in the face. He is also stuffed into the extra cab of a truck in the parking lot. Strange location since that is not where he was shot. As we are pulling him out and getting ready to rapidly transport to the trauma center, I am watching an exchange between the police and a woman. The woman is screaming that if he (the pt) lives she wants to press charges. The story is something about he came over to collect "rent" from her. I am pretty sure "rent" is code for profits made from prostitution. When he threatned her with the gun a struggle ensued and he shot himself in the face. As we were transporting the pt to the hospital we all started talking about the scene in pulp fiction when Vincent shoots Marvin in the face.

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