Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby is here!

The newest addition to the FFPM family arrived this weekend. So I have taken a few weeks off of work. I could substitute stories from work with stories of a newborn, but I fear that I may scare away some of the followers. Maybe I will anyway, depends on how tired I am.
Until then I'll try to find something else to entertain my small brain.
I hope the ghetto will still be there when I return.


  1. Congratulations! Us Police Wives always enjoy a good TLC baby story, so bring it! Before I was married and had kids, I would watch that show with roommates and we would actually cry. I probably wouldn't now unless I were pregnant or had just given birth.

    Congratulations again and hope you are all doing well.

  2. Good Luck with your new baby! I've got one coming in a month, I can't wait. I also look forward to reading additional stories from your career. Thanks for posting, I enjoy the reads!

  3. thanks ladies, the baby is going on 4 months old and begining to interact with funny faces and the like. everyone is great! thanks again for the well wishes