Monday, January 19, 2009

Call 911 for.....bus money?

Seizure call at burger king. We arrive and initially have trouble finding anyone who is or was seizing. Then we notice a man in his 30's waving frantically over his head. As we approach I make note that the man is sitting in front of a piping hot whopper meal, supersized. We make contact and since he isn't pointing to anyone else, we ask: Are you the seizure pt? He responds yes. Me: what can we do for you? Him: I had them call you. Me: Ok we are here, what can we do for you? Him: I am fine. Me: Is there any emergent medical complaint that we can help you with? Him: No I am fine, I was wondering if you could take me a couple of miles? Me: no, we don't do that. Him: If you could just give me some bus money I'll be ok. Me: You appear ok now with your 5 dollar whopper meal in front of you. Him: Could you just give me a lift home then? .......................... Thats when we just turned around and walked out.

I love my job

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