Wednesday, January 7, 2009

yes I am a paramedic firefighter

So the call goes out something about a drug over dose. Its 4 in the am and I am not awake. My partner and I respond and find a person down and obviously incapacitated. Unusual for where I work is its not an opiate (heroin) overdose. I call and ask the engine to bring in the suction. I was not aware that the engine had to wake up the driver and now are lost behind some dead end streets and barricades. The LT on the engine asks me to repeat the request (buying time) 3 times while they are touring the outside perimeter of this neighborhood. The patient is still down when the ngine and ambulance arrive. In fact she is down enough to require intubation prior to movement. As I assemble the needed equipment the ambulance driver turns and looks at me, and asks " have you ever tubed anyone before?" I only mummble something about once or twice. Turns out he wanted the tube.

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