Monday, January 19, 2009

So, last shift was brutal. the second night (48hr shifts) about 3 in the morning we get sent out for a sick call. They never put these calls on the recruiting poster for ems. My partner and I are so tired I think it took us 5-6 mins to get out of the station. We find the low income apts and arrive about the same time as our private ambulance company. We find the one bedroom apt and discover the occupants of apt#49 have converted the living room into a second bedroom, where we find our "pt". We ask the 75 yo woman her chief complaint and medical history. She responds she has no relative medical history but her teeth have been bothering her for over a week now. We ask if there is another complaint that may have justified a call to 911? She responds: no. Ambulance medic advises insurance may not pay for a non emergent complaint. She responds she has medicare / medicaid and she demands the ambulance transport. Ok here ya go, ambulance transport to wait in the waiting room for hours. Congrats.

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