Thursday, January 8, 2009

do you need to be shot in the face?

The call is a GSW. Stand by for PD. Fd gets clear to come on in and all we find is a bunch of cops running around with AR-15s out and a girl on the phone outside the trailer. FD asks the cops about the GSW and they advise they have not found the shooter yet. Fantastic. So glad you advised the scene was secure for EMS. So FD asks the girl on the phone about a gun shot victim. She points to the trailer and says: "I think shes in there". After asking some cops to move off of the steps, we make entry and find a young woman holding a towel to her face. She moves the towel and she is indeed shot in the face. Does not appear to be serious and vital signs are "normal" During the normal course of treatment and questioning she advises she just started using meth a couple of months ago. I couldn't help myself, I asked "So, hows that working out for you?"

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